Better website, more clients

Where are your clients?

Spending too much time marketing and with little results, you wish you could just coach instead of having to build your business. Your website isn’t bringing you enough new clients, yet you have so much to offer. What happened to your wonderful coaching practice?

Getting clients online hasn’t been as easy as you thought

Online marketing seemed such an easy way to get clients. With so many options it is difficult to know what to do, or what really works. Who can you trust to guide you with your Internet marketing. Investing in your website can be expensive, with no guarantee of results

There is a way forward

What if you could work side by side with someone who understands your business, who listens carefully to you, and who helps you turn around your website to build a strong coaching business?

With a professional coach and Internet expert

As a professional coach since 1998, host of Europe’s premiere online coaching network since 1999, and a natural ‘geek’, I have studied what works for websites, and can discuss how best to optimise your website for your specific coaching business. Together we create the best way for you to build a full coaching practice using the Internet.

Start with a plan

Find out how your Website Improvement Report will put you on your path to a full coaching practice